Voltron - The Third Dimension

Television Broadcast versus Malaysian VCD set

The image on the left is a SP recording of the television broadcast of V3D. The image on the right is the Malaysian VCD version. As you can see, a tiny bit has been cut off on all sides of the VCD version. The colors are brighter on the VCD and the image is sharper. There's a slight problem (like most VCDs) of having pixellation. Although you might not see it in these pics, it's apparent when looking carefully on the large TV screen.

Here's some images of the rest of the credits at the beginning...

TV Broadcast Malaysian VCD

I'll compare the next episode on a later date...and also the Kaybee Toys exclusive VHS EP version of "Consider the Alternatives" episode (it was free with the purchase of \$10 or more for Voltron merchandise).

That's it for now!